John Patelis-Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter

Instructor in Advanced Blues, Hard Rock, Fusion & Funk Electric Guitar.
Attention to detail and the ability to present popular styles, sounds and genres on demand.
Extensive knowledge in Electric Guitar History, Materials and Construction, Maintenance, Setup & Sound Execution.

2012 Blood Stone Refinery - Blues Trio - Montreal
2012 Kingston Mines Blues Club with the Chicago Blues All-Stars
2012 Buddy Guys Legends Chicago
2012 Hard Rock Hotel - Chicago - Haiti Relief Benefit with Dr. Dan Ivankovich from the Chicago Blues All-Stars

Has worked with the following Advertising Agencies: Leo Burnett, McCann Erickson, Movielab, Spot Thomson, LeSpot Productions, Modiano, Cream, Heaven, ΤοpCat, Fortune, Lynx, BOO Productions, Olympic DDB, BBDO Athens, Fortune, Bold-Ogilvy-Fos.

The Voice & Guitars behind successful Ad Campaigns for:
Coca-Cola - Vocals - award winning theme song for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.
Fanta - Voice Actor - two year ad campaign
Hasbro - Voice Actor - Transformers ad campaign
Mattel - Voice Actor - Hot Wheels multiple holiday ad campaigns
Nestle - Crunch ad campaign - Voice Actor
Trident - Voice Actor
Ursus - Vocals/Voice Actor - Guitars
and many more.

2005-2012 Electric Guitar Instructor at the Mazis Conservatory of Music - Trinity College of London:
Rockschool Curriculum - Athens Greece.

Influences: Jimi Hendrix , A.King J.G.Watson, The Reverend Willie G. , SRV, R.Ford, J.Winter, Fr. King, E.Johnson, R.Rhoads, R.Blackmore, U.Roth, G.Moore, I.Spathas, M.Chiotis, A.Holdsworth, Al Di Meola, J.Beck, J.Akkerman, B.May, A.Young, J.Perry, A.Lifeson, F.Marino, T.Bolin, L.West, J.Riggs, S.Jones, J.Ramone, EVH, G.Lynch.

Guitars: Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul/Flying V/ Explorer, Danelectro, Schecter, Carvin.
Amplification: Fender, Marshall, Soldano.
FX: Analog

Is a Certified FENDER U.S.A. Amplifier Specialist

Platinum Disc for vocals on Coca-Cola's 2004 Athens Olympic Games theme song
Factory Outlet Ad Campaign - Best Ad Campaign of 2004 in Greece

Currently active in Montreal P.Q. Canada

John Patelis - Copyright 2013